Name and Term of Association

The name of this organization shall be the East Texas Police Chiefs Association. The term of the Association shall be perpetual.




The purpose of the East Texas Police Chiefs Association shall be to promote the professional development of all executive and  management personnel within  duly constituted law enforcement agencies in the East Texas Region; to encourage close cooperation of all law enforcement agencies in the prevention of crime, detection of crime and the apprehension of those responsible for the commission of crimes; to promote the highest standards of the police profession through selection and training of law enforcement officers and generally pledge and strive for the highest degree of respect for law and order throughout the East Texas Region.  The assets of the Association shall at all times be dedicated to the purposes set out above.




SECTION 1.  Membership in this organization shall consist of four classes: Active, Association, Honorary and Corporate.

SECTION 2. ACTIVE MEMBERS.   Any person serving as Chief of Police or City Marshall who is the chief administrative head of the police department, or whatever title they may be called, of any incorporated city or town, institution of secondary or higher education, public junior college or the Texas State Technical Institute, airport police, transit police.  Any person licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement a police officer who serves as Assistant Chief or the next level of command below Chief and, retired Police Chiefs may hold active membership in the Association.

SECTION 3. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS.     Any person who is licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement  as a police officer who serves as a command officer and is sponsored by their Chief of Police. A Chief of Police or the Special Agent in Charge of any office of any Federal Law Enforcement Agency, and the director of any TCOLE licensed police academy may be admitted as an associate member upon approval of the Board of Directors and the payment of the proper dues.  Associate members, however, shall not be eligible to hold office or to vote, but shall have the privilege of attending and joining in the discussion at official meetings and conferences.

SECTION 4. HONORARY MEMBERS.  An honorary membership may be extended to an individual who does not meet the requirements as set forth in Article Ill, Section 2, 3, or 4 as provided.  An individual shall first be nominated by the Executive Board of the Association and approved by majority vote of the Association present and voting. Honorary members shall be governed in the same manner as associate members in Section 3.

SECTION 5. CORPORATE MEMBERS. Any company having an office or conducting business in the State of Texas may become a corporate member of the Association, after approval of the Executive Board and the payment of appropriate dues.  Corporate members, however, shall not be eligible to hold office or to vote, but shall have the privilege of having representatives attend and join in the discussion at the regular meeting of the Association.

SECTION 6. Each application for membership shall be made in writing and shall contain such information as prescribed by the Executive Board.  The application shall be presented to the Executive Board, which shall approve or reject the application.

SECTION 7. Dues.  The dues of the Association shall be determined by the Executive Board and shall be payable on or in advance of January 1st of each year. Dues must be paid at least 60 days after the due date or membership in the organization will be suspended.

SECTION 8. A member of the Association shall be considered suspended from membership upon:

  1. Severing connections with law enforcement except through retirement or disability
  2. Non-payment of dues (when required).

Upon the elimination of the cause of suspension, the suspended member may be reinstated.

SECTION 9.  Actions Against Members.  The Executive Board may censure, suspend or expel any member for cause, provided that notice of such proposed action and reasons therefore be mailed or given said member 10 days in advance of the action. Provided further, that such member shall have an opportunity within 10 days after such notice to answer such charges in writing, directed to the President, for consideration by the Executive Board or request a hearing before such Board, which hearing shall be held at such time, place and manner as may be prescribed.   An appeal from the decision of the Executive Board may be taken at the next called meeting of the Association, where, by a majority vote of the active-voting members present, such decision may be sustained, reversed or modified.



Officers of the Association

SECTION 1.   The officers of the Association shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian.

SECTION 2.  Qualifications. An officer of this Association, at the time of nomination, election or appointment, must be an Active Member of the Association in good standing.

SECTION 3.  Terms of Office.  All officers’ terms shall be for one (1) year beginning each calendar year.

SECTION 4.  The Executive Board shall consist of all officers of the East Texas Police Chiefs Association.  These officers shall include the President, who will serve as the Chairman, all past Presidents, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. This Board will meet as directed by the Chairperson.  They shall serve in an advisory capacity to ensure an efficient and effective tool of the Association.

SECTION 5. The Executive Board serves for the good of the Association and to further the goals and objectives set out in Article II.  The Executive Board is not monetarily compensated for their time and service and do not receive a salary.

SECTION 6.   The Executive Board may establish by-laws consistent with this Constitution, which shall govern this organization unless amended or repealed by a majority vote of the Board members present.

SECTION 7.   The Executive Board may appoint any Active Member to serve as the Association Historian.




SECTION 1.  Any meeting of the East Texas Police Chiefs Association will be called and arranged by the President with the approval of the Executive Board.

SECTION 2.  A quorum at any meeting or annual conference shall consist of those members present.



Election of Officers of the Association

SECTION 1. Nomination of Elective Officers. The President shall appoint a nominating committee which shall make recommendations for election of all elective officers, namely President and Vice-President. Nominations from the floor are also in order.

SECTION 2. The President of the Association shall be elected from the Vice-Presidents or interim President of the Association serving in accordance with the provisions of Section 3 of this Article.

SECTION 3.   In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President occasioned by death, resignation, removal, suspension or inability to serve for any reason, the Vice­ President shall serve as President.  A vacancy in the office of the Vice-President shall be filled by the Secretary.   Vacancies still remaining in the positions of the Vice­ President shall be filled by an election thereto of an Executive Committee Member, other than the immediate past president, by the Executive Board.

Vacancies in the office of the Executive Board shall be filled by the temporary appointment thereto by the Executive Board of any qualified person.



Duties of Officers

SECTION 1. President.    The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association, appoint standing and special committees as needed, preside at all regular meetings of the Association and Executive Board, and be responsible for the order of business and for making preparations for all Association and Executive Committee meetings.


SECTION 2. Vice-President.      The Vice-President shall automatically succeed the President in the event of the death, disability, resignation, or removal from office of the President and shall serve the unexpired term thereof.  The Vice-President will be in charge of the program of the annual meetings.

SECTION 3. Secretary.    The Secretary will keep complete and accurate minutes of meetings and present minutes of the previous meeting at the next meeting.

SECTION 4. Treasurer.    The Treasurer shall collect all dues and make an accounting of all funds and shall have the authority to disburse such monies for Association expenses.  The Treasurer shall place all unexpended money in a fund to the credit of the Association.  It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to keep a correct record of all funds of the Association and make a complete report of the financial conditions of the Association. At the expiration of his term of office, the Treasurer shall account for and deliver to the successor in office all monies and property of the Association and perform all other duties as voted by the Association or as required by the President or Executive Board.

SECTION 5. Historian.     The Historian shall maintain a historical record of the Association to include the constitution, bylaws, minutes, photographs, or other documents generated by the Association.



Order of Business

SECTION 1.  The order of business shall be determined by the presiding officer of each business session of each Association meeting.

SECTION 2.  Rules of Order.  In the absence of any provision to the contrary in this Constitution or Rules of the Association, all meetings of the Association, the Executive Board, and of all other committees shall be governed by the parliamentary rules and usages contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules or Order, Revised.

SECTION 3.  The President may appoint a parliamentarian to meet and serve with the President at his discretion.



Changes to the Constitution

SECTION 1.  Any changes to the Constitution shall be made by a two-thirds vote of the active members at an East Texas Police Chiefs Association meeting. Proposed changes shall be submitted in writing to the President by active members of the Association. The President will ensure that notification of proposed changes are mailed to each member.   Each affiliate must submit its separate Constitution when initially formed and all amendments thereto to the Board of Directors of the Association and have them approved before they may become effective.  All other voting within the structure of the East Texas Police Chiefs Association shall be a majority vote of all active members present at a meeting.